Unveiling ABIC Circle of Excellence Awards 2024

Unveiling ABIC Circle of Excellence Awards 2024

Join The Largest Abia Influencers Recognition and Award 2024.
The first Abia platform in the Bloggers and Influencers industry for business networking and shaping of the future.
The events are devoted to bringing together Abia influencers, personalities and brands from all over the world to cooperate across industries and borders.

ABIC Circle of Excellence connects Abia-leading Influencers for innovative, sustainable, and revolutionary collaborations.
ABIC Awards is a Circle of Excellence award for Abia Influencers Home and Diaspora who has contributed to bringing Abia positively to the global scene.

The first ABIC Awards ceremony will be taking place in Umuahia Abia State on the 23rd March 2024 Live At The Annual Abia Bloggers & Influencers Summit 2024.

Be a part of a global audience aimed to make Abia better
Mingle with Influencers and high-end brands’ decision-makers
Dive into the world of stardom and celebrities
Be in the trendsetting environment, and open yourself to the world of opportunities


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